Judi Bola: A Game Of Chance Or Skill

The face is the index of mind and poker face is an expression that means a blank face that does not reveal much to the others. True to the game where you skillfully keep your moves to your mind. Poker as a game of cards has wide acceptance all around the world. It keeps evolving with the changing times and interests of the people.Judi Bola being the new variant is gaining popularity especially in India.


There are many theories regarding the origin of the game. Some believe it originated in France by the name of vogue in the 15th century from where it traveled to Canada andthen to the US. Another claim for the origin comes from China in 900 ads when it wasn’t played with cards.  It is believed to have entered Indian soil from China where it was played as ganja, a game of 96 round painted cards. However, the present-daypoker variants have their roots in the US from the early 19thcentury.


Scenario in India

Poker is largely seen as a game of gambling with cards. Gambling itself is a taboo owing to its addictive nature and luck which may not favor big wins all the time. However, online poker has matured as an adult game that requires analytical skills, along with focus, discipline and emotional strength. It is being endorsed by celebrities. Poker has nowadays, such a wide appeal that it is being taught as a course at a premier institute like IIT. It is believed to develop entrepreneurial skills among students when they learn to take smart and calculated risks. Today, there are roughly 2 million real money poker players in India which are believed to grow by 30-40%in another 5 years. It is estimated that the online poker industry of 700 crores will cross 1 billion dollars by 2021. Many world-renowned VCs has invested in the upcoming online poker gaming sites.