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"Butterfield Express is an awesome place to buy snowmobiles, parts and equipment! Jordan and Robbie Rock! They go the extra mile to be helpful and get you what you need, want or are looking for! Butterfield Express is the only place I shop or will shop! Thank you for the GREAT service, before, during and after the sale! If you have not experienced what truly great customer service is, you need to go to Butterfield Express. Thanks Mike and your outstanding customer service staff and the repair department! "Leslie McCoy | Chubbuck, ID
"We went to Ashton, Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello Polaris websites and put the same information with information on the machine we wanted to buy. On the next day Butterfield Emailed and the day after that we exchanged information and set a deal up for that weekend. 9 days later finally had the Rexburg email and say call us, I emailed back said that took awhile told them we bought at Butterfield. They emailed back today call us for all your accessories. Hu... I don't think so. Thanks to Jordon and information from the nice guys in the shop. When I need another or something. Pocatello 1 hour well worth the drive. Butterfield Polaris #1 "Brett & Tammy White | Rigby, ID
"WOW!!! You won't be happier ANYWHERE else with the service and "family" attitude you receive at Butterfield Express. We live 530 miles away and will continue to do business in Pocatello at Butterfield because of the way they make us feel. The are willing to deal and they definitely go the extra mile to make sure you have everything "your way", everything. I did all the dealing the first time, in 2007, and was never "talked down to" because I was a female. I was treated with every courtesy possible. So when we wanted to purchase a 2010 Ranger, there was no question about it, we were going to deal with Scott at Butterfield. It was worth the 530 miles to us and we would do it again. THANKS GUYS, YOU ARE ALL GREAT! John & Mary Eason Manhattan, NV"Mary Eason | Manhattan, NV
"Let me start out by saying thank you and giving a high five to the exceptional organization that has been built at Butterfield Express. From our first impression of your outstanding website, to your extra mile costumer service, it truly was a professional as well as a -feeling like part of the family- experience. I deal with numerous websites professionally on a daily basis and have seen less than a handful that has been put together as well as yours. It is colorful, very easy to navigate, precise with its information and useful. When I sent you an email with my questions you not only answered them concisely, but offered other points to think about and recommendations. When I contacted Butterfield Express by phone I was made to feel important, treated with respect and again that down home, part of the family feeling shined through. Because I answer phones lines all day long, I know that is not an attitude that you can fake. In contrast let me tell you about our experience with a local Polaris dealer. The first encounter I went in by myself and told them we were looking and that I wanted to look at the Polaris Sportsman. They took me to the Suzuki's and talked them up and never did show me the Polaris models. I left thinking that they didn't take me serious because I was a woman and my husband wasn't with me. That was a huge mistake. After stewing about it for a couple of hours I went back and said I wanted to see the Polaris Sportsman and it only. They took me to it and were answering my questions half hearted and hurriedly left me to rush to assist a couple that had just entered the store. The young man that waited on me earlier in the day finally came back with a brochure and I left. The third time my husband and I went in to look at the Polaris Sportsman and the sales person reluctantly helped us. The second person on the floor went to help a young couple that had come in. The salesman that was helping us left us without a word and ran over to the other couple and appeared to butt in on the other person's sales pitch. No One ever came back to answer our questions or to help us after about 20 minutes we left. I am pretty sure there won't be another trip to that dealer. You can bet that next year if we decide a newer machine is the route we are going to take that we will call you and see what you have available. We have lived here our entire lives in the Twin Falls area and in the past have been very active in motor cross. Now we have various friends or their families that are ATV fanatics and or club members. You can bet it will be your horn we are tooting long and loud and sour grapes we are throwing out for the local dealer. Once again thanks and we wish you continued success with the business you have cultivated - Butterfield Express! Joy and Glen Duggan"JOY DUGGAN | TWIN FALLS, ID
"great place to buy from. great staff"Anonymous | Pocatello, ID
"We would like to thank Butterfield Express for the Great Service. We had gone to two other Polaris dealerships closer to our home and basically got no service...We made a phone call to Butterfield and they immediately began checking for what we wanted, They kept us informed by phone and email.They special ordered our ranger & trailer with all the options we requested. Butterfield is the Best Thanks Brent & Shayla Peterson Idaho Falls, Idaho"Brent & Shayla Peterson | Idaho Falls, ID
"Buying my new 2005 700 RMK was a great experience at Butterfield's. They have kind service and are willing to help you with any problems or questions that you might have! I will definitely keep going there for my service from now on!"Tyler Haskett | Pocatello, ID