3 Types of All Terrain Vehicles for Different Needs

3 Types of All Terrain Vehicles for Different Needs

The electric ATV and UTV market is expected to increase at a rate of more than 22% in the near future, with UTVs accounting for the lion’s share of revenue in 2021. This is due mostly to the fact that UTVs are more potent and faster than ATVs. UTVs are rising in popularity among ranchers, farmers, and hunters because of their use in transporting commodities and overcoming difficult terrain. These automobiles are also widely used on college campuses for commuting, transporting athletes and sports equipment, and similar menial tasks.

In 2021, the outdoor recreational sector accounted for about half of the market revenue for electric ATVs and UTVs, and this segment is expected to expand at a CAGR of more than 20% over the next several years. This is because, especially in industrialized areas, ATV riding has become a popular form of outdoor recreation. In spite of rising disposable incomes and living standards, rural Europe and North America nevertheless have a wide variety of landscapes, including ranches, farms, and unpaved roads.

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Honda’s new ATV lineup is dirt-ready.

Honda's new ATV lineup is dirt-ready.

Honda isn’t simply motorcycles and the Civic. A Japanese firm is noted for power-sports equipment, especially ATVsed for power-sports equipment, especially ATVs. ATVs are a big element of its US sales. The company has updated its products to maintain momentum.

The best-selling The Honda Rancher now has more options in order to appeal to a broader audience.Swing-arm or independent rear suspension is available, as is electric power steering or a regular rack. The Rancher can have a dual-clutch or normal automatic transmission and 4×2 or 4×4 drivetrains.

The smaller Recon may be more manageable. This baby has a 250-class motor to conquer any terrain. There are both electric shift and manual transmission options.Rugged design and an electric start are included. The TRX250X has a long-travel suspension, unique SportClutch technology, and new silver wheels that match the white color scheme. First seen in 1987, it blends brand values with new technology and style.

Rincon’s 675cc, water-cooled, four-stroke, fuel-injected engine is coupled to a three-speed beltless automatic transmission. It has a class-leading independent rear suspension and radial tires. Top-spec variants are now available in black and red with Honda camo.

Honda ATVs can now tackle any terrain with confidence and style. These bikes are perfect for kicking up dirt.

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U.S. Army purchases BAE Systems’ Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicle

U.S. Army purchases BAE Systems' Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicle

The service gave a $278 million contract to the American and Swedish units of BAE Systems. The contract includes production units, spare parts, and logistical support for the contractor.

The Army tested both proposals to replace its aging small unit support vehicle from August to December 2021 in Alaska. The BAE Systems-built SUSV was last purchased in the early 1980s and uses 1960s and 1970s technology. The Army will buy 163 CWATVs.

Beowulf is an unarmored, tracked vehicle that can carry humans and payloads.

“Beowulf can navigate snow, ice, rock, sand, dirt, and swamps,” the business added. Its amphibious nature lets it swim in floods or coastal seas.

Beowulf is based on the Swedish, British, Dutch, French, and Austrian BvS10 armored model.

The U.S. military prioritizes Arctic preparation. The Army released its Arctic strategy last year. It stresses the need to improve and expand its presence in the region as Russia and China try to gain power there.

The plan shows how the Army will hire, train, organize, and equip its people to protect national interests and keep peace in the region.

The Army will reactivate the 11th Airborne Division in Alaska and remove Stryker combat vehicles. One of its five multidomain task units will be stationed in the Arctic.

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